Frequently Asked Questions

Does your office accept dental insurance?
Our office is only contracted with Delta Dental insurance but we will gladly bill any insurance you have, although it is the patient’s responsibility to know their benefits and if they are allowed to go to an out of network dentist.

Does your office offer payment plans?
We accept CareCredit®, and can offer payment plans for treatment over $1000.00.

How often do patients with periodontal disease need cleanings after treatment?
Our office recommends that after treatment, patients continue on a cleaning schedule called a periodontal maintenance every 3 months and can be alternated with your general dentist and our office.

Will my General Dentist be notified of my treatment?
We will be sure to inform your Dentist of the treatment plan, any procedures completed and outcome from treatment.

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for treatment?
Yes, we are happy to work with HSA accounts as this is a great way to budget for medical and dental treatment.