Oral Hygiene Instructions After Laser Surgery

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At your 1 week post-op appointment after laser treatment you will receive a red toothbrush. Below are the instructions for the use of your red toothbrush.

  • Brush with red toothbrush in treated areas until your 1 month appointment
  • Do not use toothpaste with the red toothbrush, dip the toothbrush in the prescribed mouth rinse and use the mouth rinse as if it is the tooth paste
  • Softly brush treated areas, DO NOT SCRUB. Continue to use the oral rinse until your 1 month PO
  • No flossing, Water Piking or electric toothbrush in treated areas for 1 month
  • Do not eat anything hard, sticky, or crunchy. Examples are chips, nuts, popcorn, or gum