Sinus Lift Post-Operative Instructions

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Please purchase the following OTC medications in addition to your RX given to you:

Sudafed or Co-Advil 30mg
(Please take 1 tablet 3 times per day for 3 days starting the day of surgery to help keep sinus clear)

Afrin or Vicks nasal spray
(Please only use for the first 3 days! The purpose of the nasal spray is to keep nose clear, itchiness away and lessen the chance of you sneezing)

• Do not blow your nose, you may wipe away any drainage
• Do not smoke
• If you have to sneeze please do so with your mouth open
• Do not snort or clear your nose with any force at all
• No air travel for 14 days
• Do not use a Neti Pot
• No exercise for 14 days